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Nature evokes in me a magic that I express through my artwork. Inspired in the beauty and magic of nature, intrigued by myths and legends.


From early childhood I have been influenced by the beauty and magic of nature, having grown up in a small village in the Shropshire countryside. I would always want to be outdoors, no matter what the season.


A self taught artist I have always loved to draw and paint, however it was when I had my daughter that I really took to art.

Watching my daughter, her journey through the innocence of childhood gave me the opportunity to see life again through the eyes of a child. Their hearts and minds open to all that is around them; imagination is the key. An ant struggling to climb a blade of grass, a flower, a small shiny pebble, a leaf gently floating to the ground, closing their eyes to feel the breeze upon their face, shapes in the clouds, the colour of a butterflies wings outstretched in the warm sunshine.


I just love to paint, it is my way of relaxation. It opens up a place of both peace and one of magic that I can escape to, where I can let go of my imagination.

I am happy to be commissioned for an individual piece of work. Please contact me for further information. 


Just some of the wonderful comments which I have received:

"Thank you and a huge thank you for brightening my day with your most beautiful picture .....x"

"I received my cards yesterday. I absolutely love them! I am going to frame them. Thank you so much. Peace and blessings to you!"

"We received our art yesterday. It’s beautiful and we love it"

"I love your work, you capture the things I love beautifully. Thank you. I really appreciate It xx"

"Thanks for adding beauty to our world"

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